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**********Next Working Party**********

SUNDAY 14th August 2022.

Tasks include: Main task will be installing the seat and plaque in the willow arbor

Meet in the park at 11.00am

Please dress appropriately: rough work clothing, gloves, stout footwear and weather appropriate extras!!

Castlefields entrance gates (Patford Street)


Situated within walking distance of the centre of Calne in Wiltshire, Castlefields Canal and River Park is being developed to provide a valuable countryside amenity for both recreation and leisure activities.

CARP was established in 2001 as a charitable association to promote and implement the vision that had evolved through local community consultations for the development of the new park facilities.

We share here the vision and work done to date by both professionals and volunteers to realise the full potential of this presently under-utilised park area.



Chaveywell Bridge Over The Canal